Market segments: Food Retail, Hospitals, Industry, Non food retail, Restaurants, Shopping malls
Product family: Airside products
• Product range: Air handling units
• Air flow (m³/h): 1000 – 100000
• Cooling (kW): 5 – 550
• Heating (kW): 10 > 1300
• Eurovent: Certified product



  • Available in 44 sizes, with total pressure up to 2.500 Pa
  • Modular unit
  • Aluminium frame with 60 mm sandwich panels
  • EN 1886 classification for standard construction

    • Food and non food retail, shopping malls (airports restaurants, shops, …)
    • Industrial buildings
    • Hospitals


    • Modular air handling units
    • Adapted to any air treatment application : ventilation, filtration, heating, cooling, humidity and recovery, and allowing the best choice in relation to the requested face velocity
    • Wide range : 44 sizes from 1 000 up to 100 000 m3/h with total pressures up to 2 500 Pa (28 basic sizes and 16 low profile sizes)
    • CLEANAIR LX units developed and dimensioned in length, width and height, using a module of 160 mm
    • If necessary, distinctly rectangular cross-section fitted with ow profile units, in order to reduce the height while increasing the width


    Base frame:

    • Galvanized steel “C” shaped frame 2,5 mm thickness according to the unit length.
    • Unit supplied with four corner feet with lifting holes suitable for 2” diameter thickness walled steel pipe

    Frame and panels:

    • Frame and panel structure developed with particular care on thermal insulation and resistance
    • Casing in aluminium with 60 mm sandwich panels, insulated with injected polyurethane to 45 kg/m3 density or mineral wool to 90 kg/m3 density
    • Internal surface of the unit is completely smooth and no screws are visible inside the unit
    • Gasket between the panels to ensure airtight seal, to eliminate thermal bridges, to reduce air leakages and to eliminate dust accumulation
    • 3 way corner joint in glass fibre reinforced nylon
    • EN 1886 Classification for standard construction:
      – Mechanical resistance: D1
      – Leakage : L1/L2
      – Filter by-pass: F9
      – Transmittance: T2
      – Thermal bridges: TB2 or TB3 or TB4 depending on the casing (see selection data sheet)
    • Auxiliary drain pan in ABS and connected with the main drain pan to collect condensate of heat exchanger and control valve(s).
    • Externally positioned control board : easily accessible