Allegra II



  • Market segments: Hotel, Office buildings

  • Product family: Airside products

  • Product range: Fan coil units

  • Air flow (m³/h): 60 > 1670

  • Cooling (kW): 0.5 > 8.9

  • Heating (kW): 5.2 > 7.5

  • Eurovent: Certified product



• Range of fan coil with innovative designs
• Noise performance among the best on the market
• eDrive EC motor for comfort and energy saving
• Sober and attractive design
• Office buildings
• Hotels
• One of the most versatile ranges of fan coils on the market
• 10 sizes – 4 different versions : Wall and ceiling mounted units
Exposed or concealed with centrifugal fan
• AC motor 3-speed or EC motor
• 3 or 4 row coil and with the possibility to add a additional coil for 4-pipe systems or an electric coil for 2-pipe / 2-wire systems
• Meet all air-conditioning requirements of work environments like offices, shops, restaurants and hotel rooms featuring ducted installations with available pressure up to 50 Pa
• Control : Available fitted on the unit, remote wall mounted, or infra-red with also master-slaves and BMS possibility in the different common protocols
• Cabinet : Galvanized and pre-painted steel casing.
Plastic top grid with fixed louvres is reversible in order to distribute the air in two different directions
• Frame : Galvanized steel with closed cell insulation
• Filter : Polypropylene cellular fabric regenerating filter with galvanized steel frame
• The fans : Aluminium or plastic blades directly keyed on the motor with double aspiration
Dynamically and statically balanced
• AC motor : Wired for single-phase
Six speeds, three of which are connected.
Motor fitted on sealed for life bearings and secured on antivibration and self-lubricating mountings.
Internal thermal protection with automatic reset
Protection IP 20, class B
• EC motor : Three phase permanent magnet brushless electronic motor. 230 Volt, single-phase
• Coil : Copper tube and the aluminium fins.
Pipe connections on the left or right side.
• Condensate collection tray : Made from plastic with an “L”-shape fitted on the inner casing
• 3-way or 2-way valve ON/OFF fitted
• Electric heater with integral: safety thermostat and relay control
• Extension condensate collection tray
• Feet
• Fresh air mixing damper
• Rear and Bottom closing panel(unit with cabinet)
• Frame for wall concealed installation
• Straight and 90° inlet and outlet flange
• Air inlet grid with or without filter
• Spigot plenum for return and discharge
• Auxiliary drain pan
• Condensate drain pump