• Market segments: Bank offices, Food Retail, Non food retail, Office buildings, Restaurants

  • Product family: Airside products

  • Product range: Water cassettes

  • Air flow (m³/h): 225 > 1536

  • Cooling (kW): 1.6 > 10.9

  • Heating (kW): 1.6 > 11.3

  • Eurovent: Certified product



• Silent operation
• Low energy consumption with EC fan
• Optimized air distribution
• Easy installation and maintenance
• ABS or metallic diffuser
• Condensate pump with floating switch is supplied as standard
• Small size commercial buildings
• Food and non-food retail
• Office buildings
• AC version with 3 speeds or EC version :
– 8 capacity sizes for 2 pipe systems
– 5 capacity sizes for 2 pipe / 2 wire systems
– 10 capacity sizes for 4 pipe systems
• Plastic and metallic diff users, designed to perfectly fit into 600 x 600 mm false ceiling standard modules
• 900 x 900 mm size available too
• Very low sound level
• Controls available : infrared remote control, stand alone controls and master slave kit.
• Main casing is made of galvanised steel with inside closed cell polyethylene 10 mm thick thermal insulation and outside anti-condensate lining.
• Air diffuser available in ABS white colour and metallic white colour
• Washable air filter, easily accessible and removable
• Fan-motor assembly includes single inlet radial fan and 6 speed electric motor with single phase 230V/50 Hz supply, class B insulation and klixon thermal contact motor protection.
• In standard supplied wired in 3 speeds; but can be chosen among the 6 available and modified on site.
• EC low energy consumption motor is also available. Thanks to inverter card continuous air fl ow/ heating/cooling variation is allowed.
• Heat exchangers are made of copper tubes and bonded aluminium fins.
• Condensate pump with floating switch is supplied as standard and has 500 mm maximum head.
• Main and auxiliary condensate drain pan are supplied as standard. Main drain pan is high density ABS polystyrene foam and fi re retardant B2 rating.
• Auxiliary drain pan is ABS and it is connected with the main drain pan to collect condensate of heat exchanger and control valve(s).
• Control board is easily accessible and positioned externally.
• Different RAL colours for ABS or metallic diffusers (on request, with minimum quantities)
• 2 and 3 way control valves
• Infrared remote control
• Stand alone controls
• Master/Slave card
• Fresh air kit (1 way metallic duct and bypass) and fresh air duct (Ø 150 mm connection)