• Market segments: Data Center

  • Product family: Close control units

  • Product range: Close control units

  • Air flow (m³/h): 1800 > 36000

  • Cooling (kW): 6 > 237




• Energy efficiency
• Reliability
• High quality
• Full frontal access
• Computer rooms
• Data centers
• Perfect answer to all technical requirements of different technological plant concepts (computer rooms, datacenters, control rooms, EDP rooms, textile industry, metrological rooms, etc …)
• Exclusive design with rounded edges, innovative colour and excellent performances
• High energy efficiency, small dimensions and low noise levels: INNOV@ series are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Configurations :
– Downflow version
– Upflow version
– Displacement version
• Operating modes :
– Air cooled with remote condenser
– Water cooled with remote dry-cooler
– Water cooled for city tap water
– Chilled water
• Indirect free-cooling :
– Water cooled with remote dry-cooler and indirect free-cooling
• Dual cooling units :
– Air cooled with remote condenser and chilled water coil
– Water cooled with remote dry-cooler and chilled water coil
– Water cooled for city tap water and chilled water coil
• Control :
– INNOV@ range equipped with microprocessor control, allowing to connect up to 8 units together creating a local network (LAN) and allowing, among diff erent options, to balance operation times in an automatic stand by and rotation function.
• Only internationally recognised quality components and latest technology devices are used in the INNOV@ series
• All main components (electrical panel, compressor, fans, humidifier, electrical heaters, expansion valve and liquid flow filter) reachable from the front of the unit in order to reduce costs for installation and maintenance.
• Dual fluid
• Potential free alarms contacts
• Water detection kit
• Flash memory
• Microprocessor
• Electronic condenser fans speed control
• Interconnectivity (ModBus, TCP/IP, Bacnet …)
• Touch screen graphic displayA